History Department Overview 


Welcome to the International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers History Department. We house and maintain a collection of histories of the pioneers. These folders contain written biographies and other information regarding each pioneer. The file could be as small as an obituary or an extensive history of an individual. This collection includes over 42,000 pioneer histories. Remember, a pioneer is an ancestor who came to the Utah Territory, died crossing the plains, or was born in the Utah Territory before May 10, 1869, the coming of the railroad. If your ancestors do not fit into these criteria, we will not have their histories.
Location:  The History Department is located on the main floor of the museum directly opposite the main museum entrance.


The History Department is open Monday through Friday 9 am to 4 pm. Please allow 2 or 3 hours for us to help you properly.


You can find previously written histories and information. Check the Library and Resource Files for helps in researching other topics or specific pioneers. Histories can be copied for 25 cents a page.

Phone: 801-532-6479 x205

To access the online Index of pioneers whose histories we have, click here.

For a mail-in request form, click here.

Personal Computers:

You are welcome to use your personal computer as you research in our History Department. Please be aware of these stipulations. You may use your computer as a reference, and for limited note taking. However, remember a history is copyrighted property of the author and DUP and the funds collected through copying histories is a source of revenue for our nonprofit, volunteer organization. The use of cameras, video recorders, cell phone cameras, or scanners are not permitted.

Written materials available through the courtesy of ISDUP may not be reproduced for monetary gain (Article III Section 4G of the DUP Bylaws)