Educational Programs of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers


Daughters of Utah Pioneers' Outreach is “to reach out” to the community by representing and honoring the pioneer era in order for citizens to develop a greater understanding, awareness and appreciation for the lives of pioneers and our collective heritage.

Our Outreach goal is to help others learn by extending information, activities, services and education about our Pioneer ancestry and traditions and get them involved where possible - engaging them through programs and other functions such as historical collections, museum visits, parades, educational opportunities, events, pageants, etc.

Outreach Programs for Students

School programs include presentations and activities that have been developed for the classroom. Museum Docents bring hands-on material and specialized knowledge to each presentation. Programs are written for grade four, but they may be adapted to others on request. Outreach programs are available on weekdays, October through April, between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM. Please call DUP office, telephone 801-532-6479 for additional information.

Museum Tours

Museum tours for all ages are also available. There are over 86 Daughters of Utah Pioneer museums in the state of Utah. Please see “School tours and educational opportunities” on the International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers website