Application Form



Membership Application Form
  • ISDUP now uses the one form found at this website for camp-affiliated or member-at-large applicants. If an application form is requested, it will be a printed version of this web form.
  • This form may be filled in on the website as much as is desired and then printed, or it may be printed out blank and filled in by hand.
  • Please do not use any old legal-size forms. Use the updated version on this website.
  • All information provided in the Membership Application form is kept confidential.
  • The completed application will be digitized and archived. Paper forms and record-keeping are not being eliminated. ISDUP supports both paper and digital forms and record-keeping.
  • To view, edit, or print a Member Application form, Click here.
  • To view, edit, or print a Member Application form and instructions, Click here.

Filling In The Membership Form
  • When you click on the link to the Membership Application form, it will open using the PDF reader, usually Adobe Reader, that is already on your computer.
  • Enter as much information in the form as desired. You can type as many characters into each field as you like and the font size will automatically reduce to ensure all the typed text will fit.
  • You cannot save the form with your typed information on it and come back to it later, so print the form when you have finished filling out the desired fields on your computer.
  • Follow the instructions that appear on the first two pages. If you like, you can print the instructions to assist in filling out the form. If you would like to view and print out the instructions only, Click here.
  • If you would like to view or print out a sample of a form filled out by an applicant, Click here.
Submitting Membership Application Form
  • Membership Application form must be printed, signed, and accompanied by $5.00 for registration and $15.00 for annual International dues, a total of $20.00 (U.S.) before being mailed.
  • Membership Application forms cannot be emailed or faxed.
  • Camp Registrars will assist applicant with the form, check for accuracy and completeness, ensure appropriate signatures, and send it to the Company Registrar with the applicant’s check for $20.00 made out to ISDUP.
  • Company Registrars will also check for accuracy and completeness, ensure appropriate signatures, and enter registrar address information at the bottom.
  • Company Registrar will mail the application and check using an envelope that requires no more than two folds of the application to:
    • International Registrar
      C/O International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers
      300 North Main Street
      Salt Lake City, UT 84103-1699
  • International Registrar will digitize and archive the membership application form and return a copy to the applicant with her membership card.
  • For questions, call International Registrar at 801-532-6479 ext. 213