Utah's Pioneer Days Royalty, 1931-2010

Choosing a queen to reign over the Pioneer Celebrations is a long-standing tradition in Utah. For the Pioneer Jubilee in 1897, Emma Lunt was chosen to hold the honor. Throughout the decades, Utah's pioneer celebrations have been known as Pioneer DaysCovered Wagon Days (1935-1942) and Days of '47 (1943-present). The Daughters of Utah Pioneers and the Sons of Utah Pioneers signed an agreement, 5 July 1943, to officially sponsor a Pioneer Day parade and to celebrate Utah's pioneer heritage each year through a Days of '47 committee, a private, nonprofit corporation.

As of Thursday June 2, 2011,  the pageant is sponsored by The Days of "47, Inc. and produced by International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers.

Married names are in parentheses.

For more information, read the following article: Lynn Arave, Deseret Morning News "History of Pioneer Days Celebration in Utah: Pioneer Past: Days of '47 Parade is Time-Honored Tradition" Deseret News (Salt Lake City) 24 July 2003


 YEAR: 2010

QUEEN: Christine Messick
1st ATTENDANT:  Celest Wouden
2nd ATTENDANT:  Nicole Graf
SOURCE:  Deseret News, "BYU Graduate is Named Days of '47 Queen" April 28, 2010


YEAR: 2009

QUEEN: Carlee Johnson
1st ATTENDANT: M'Lindsey Watson
2nd ATTENDANT: Mallory Whitney Poole
Deseret News, "A Crowning Opportunity: Days of '47 Pageant", 19 April 2009

2009 Royalty Comments on Pioneer Heritage

Queen Carlee Johnson: 'They built a firm foundation and are the roots that shape my identity and my future.'

1st Attendant, M'Lindsey Watson: 'I have a gratitude for a legacy of faith, talents, and character qualities that have been passed down through many generations.'

2nd Attendant, Mallory Poole: 'I am amazed by the determination and fortitude of my pioneer ancestors and because of their example, I know I can achieve my goals.'


2009 Annie Taylor Hyde Award

The Annie Taylor Hyde Award, is given in honor of the founder and first president of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers. The contestants vote for the one among them considered to be the most congenial, kind, and friendly. Katelyn Fullmer is the first winner of the award. She'll receive a scholarship along with the queen and both attendants.  2009 was the first year the award was given.


YEAR: 2008

QUEEN: Callie Cockrell
1st ATTENDANT: Starlee Holman
2nd ATTENDANT: Kristalee Bird

SOURCE: Deseret News, "This year's Days of '47 royalty selected", 27 Apr 2008


YEAR: 2007


QUEEN: Marin Morgan Poole
1st ATTENDANT: Cristal Johnson
2nd ATTENDANT: Marianne Stuart

NOTES: Marin Poole was Miss Utah Teen USA 2002, Miss Utah USA 2005

SOURCES: Deseret News, "Days of '47 royalty", 22 Apr 2007
 Marin Poole


YEAR: 2006

QUEEN: Nichole Harr
1st ATTENDANT: Rachel Orgill

2nd ATTENDANT: Melissa Linford
Deseret News, "Y. student wins Days of '47 crown", 18 Mar 2006


YEAR: 2005



QUEEN: Kimber Hasenyager
1st ATTENDANT: April Dawn Johnson
2nd ATTENDANT: Kalina Scherbel
Deseret News, "Days of '47 royalty is crowned at pageant", 15 May 2005


YEAR: 2004

QUEEN: Jennifer Winn
1st ATTENDANT: Camille Perkins
2nd ATTENDANT: Jennifer Dolan


YEAR: 2003

QUEEN: Jennie Ashworth
1st ATTENDANT: Canessa Craigo
2nd ATTENDANT: Marie Sonnberg
SOURCE: Deseret News, "Days of '47 queen" 18 May 2003


YEAR: 2002

QUEEN: Elizabeth Shore
1st ATTENDANT: Rebecca Anne Ferrin
2nd ATTENDANT: Christine Laurel Matheny
Deseret News, "Days of '47 Royalty Picked" 19 May 2002


YEAR: 2001

QUEEN: Allison Arlene Martin
1st ATTENDANT: Chelsea Yara Adams
2nd ATTENDANT: Sharon Belnap
Deseret News, "Queen and attendants picked for Days '47" 13 May 2001

YEAR: 2000

QUEEN: Jessica Brinton
1st ATTENDANT: Mandi Brady
2nd ATTENDANT: Suzanne Cederlof
Deseret News, "Royalty chosen for Days '47", 16 May 2000

YEAR: 1999

QUEEN: Alicia Peterson
1st ATTENDANT: Mindy L. Poole
2nd ATTENDANT: Carolyn Bird
Deseret News, "Days of '47 royalty chosen", 18 May 1999


YEAR: 1998

QUEEN: Tamara Quinton
1st ATTENDANT: Maren Robinson
2nd ATTENDANT: Emily Aiken
Deseret News, "Sandy woman to head Days of '47 royalty", 17 May 1998 ; Deseret News, Royalty Chosen for Days of '47

YEAR: 1997

QUEEN: Emily Louise Peterson
1st ATTENDANT: Michelle Carr
2nd ATTENDANT: Emily Jensen
Deseret News, "U. junior will reign over 1997 Days of '47", 22 May 1997

YEAR: 1996

QUEEN: Leslie Monroe
1st ATTENDANT: Melissa Brown
2nd ATTENDANT: Emily Probst
Deseret News, "Snow Coed Named Days of '47 Queen" 19 May 1996

YEAR: 1995

QUEEN: Melissa Thayne
1st ATTENDANT: Renee Sonneberg
2nd ATTENDANT: Carrie Owen
Deseret News, "Packed S.L. Pops Concert Kicks off Biggest-ever Days of ‘47 Festivities" 13 July 1995

YEAR: 1994

QUEEN: Cammy Gladwell
1st ATTENDANT: DeEtte Peterson
2nd ATTENDANT: Melissa McKell
Deseret News, "Pioneer Spirit Guides Parade as it Wends its Way Through S.L." 25 July 1994

YEAR: 1993

QUEEN: Elizabeth Buehler
1st ATTENDANT: Jennifer Marchbanks
2nd ATTENDANT: Nicole Jensen
Deseret News. "Days of '47 Royalty", 23 May 1993


YEAR: 1992

QUEEN: Roxanne Fjelsted
1st ATTENDANT: Shara Swan
2nd ATTENDANT: Mia Johnson
Deseret News, "Parade Royalty", 22 July 1992 

YEAR: 1991

QUEEN: Janalyn Anderson
1st ATTENDANT: Marisa Whittaker
2nd ATTENDANT: Jody Christensen
Deseret News, "Applause" June 4, 1991 (online edition); Deseret News, "Resident of Bluffdale to Reign over Days of '47", 19 May 1991
NOTE: Marisa Whittaker was chosen as Miss Utah USA Congeniality in the 1991 pageant.

YEAR: 1990

QUEEN: Sharwan Smith
1st ATTENDANT: Megan Morgan
2nd ATTENDANT: Karen Wilcox
Deseret News, "St. George Woman Wears 1990 Days of '47 Crown", 20 May 1990


YEAR: 1989

QUEEN: Shirlyn Andersen
1st ATTENDANT: Denise Warner
2nd ATTENDANT: Barbie Burrows
Deseret News, "Days of '47 Gets its Crowning Glory Youthful Royalty Will Ensure That Parade Is as Right as Reign" 7 July 1989

YEAR: 1988

QUEEN: Anne Madsen
1st ATTENDANT: Elizabeth Nebeker
2nd ATTENDANT: Maria Matthews
Deseret News, "3 Students Become Days of '47 Royalty" 15 May 1988


YEAR: 1987

QUEEN: Unknown
1st ATTENDANT: Unknown
2nd ATTENDANT: Unknown


YEAR: 1986

QUEEN: Tammy Cederlof
1st ATTENDANT: Jeannette deGaston
2nd ATTENDANT: Robyne Kirk
Days of '47 Rodeo Magazine, 1986; 
Deseret News, "Freedom rings proudly at Rice Stadium in salute to Lady and Other Nations" 4 Jul 1986 

YEAR: 1985

QUEEN: Bonnie Lundquist
1st ATTENDANT: Diane Burdett
2nd ATTENDANT: Sonya Powell


YEAR: 1984

QUEEN: Cynthia Lynn Harvey
1st ATTENDANT: Brook Hudson
2nd ATTENDANT: Julie Harvey
Deseret News. "Time to Remember sacrifice of pioneers", 29 Jul 1984
Deseret News, "Parade, Fair To Spice Rodeo For Disabled", 3 Aug 1984

YEAR: 1983

QUEEN: Cathy Davis
1st ATTENDANT: Stephanie Hills
2nd ATTENDANT: Nanette Riddle
Deseret News, "Official Celebrations Cap 24th Festivities" 25 Jul 1983

YEAR: 1982

QUEEN: Alison Ogden
1st ATTENDANT: Mary Benson
2nd ATTENDANT: Cynthia Knapton
Deseret News. "24 Lucky Number for Days of '47 Winner" 24 July 1982


YEAR: 1981

QUEEN: Dana Cutler
1st ATTENDANT: Laura Tietjen
2nd ATTENDANT: Karen Thomas
Deseret News. Utah's 4th of July: flurry of parades" 4 Jul 1984

YEAR: 1980

QUEEN: Carolee Cutler
1st ATTENDANT: Paula Last
2nd ATTENDANT: Kathryn Garn
Deseret News, 24 Jul 1980

YEAR: 1979

QUEEN: Cheer Hansen
1st ATTENDANT: Julia Larsen
2nd ATTENDANT: Miriam Johnson (Coons)
Deseret News, 14 May 1979

YEAR: 1978

QUEEN: Unknown
1st ATTENDANT: Unknown
2nd ATTENDANT: Unknown

YEAR: 1977

QUEEN: Margie Christiansen (Hunsaker)
1st ATTENDANT: Colleen Auger
2nd ATTENDANT: Martha Mallory
NOTES: Margie Christiansen (Hunsaker) was Miss Teenage Utah 1972, and Mrs. Utah 1987
 Deseret News, 9 Jul 1989


YEAR: 1976

QUEEN: Cindy Lue Merrill (Henderson)
1st ATTENDANT: Heather Egan
2nd ATTENDANT: Maridean Bodell
Deseret News, 24 Jul 1976


YEAR: 1975

QUEEN: Debbie Woods
1st ATTENDANT: Melody Miner
2nd ATTENDANT: Suzzane McKay
1975 Days of '47 Rodeo Program

YEAR: 1974

QUEEN: Jewelya Hatton
1st ATTENDANT: Sheri Sohm
2nd ATTENDANT: Diane Gough
Official Program 31st Anniversary of Days '47 Program, 1974

YEAR: 1973

QUEEN: Deborah Ann Shields (Smoot)
1st ATTENDANT: Terri Fisher
2nd ATTENDANT: Sherry Bodell
Deseret News, 21 May 1973; Official Program 30th Anniversary of Days '47 Program, 1973

YEAR: 1972

QUEEN: Lee Ann Holt
1st ATTENDANT: Carolyn Whitney
2nd ATTENDANT: Vickie Davis
Days of '47 Official Program, 1972


YEAR: 1971

QUEEN: Janet Eyestone
1st ATTENDANT: Marie Zollinger
2nd ATTENDANT: Allyson Walker
Days of '47 Official Program, 1971

YEAR: 1970

QUEEN: Nancy Jackson (Miller)
1st ATTENDANT: Jane Rasmussen
2nd ATTENDANT: Linda Romney
Days of '47 Official Program, 1970

YEAR: 1969

QUEEN: Janis Tennant
1st ATTENDANT: Marilou Dyreng
2nd ATTENDANT: Ann Holley
Days of '47 Official Program, 1969



YEAR: 1968

QUEEN: Barbara Jo Butters
1st ATTENDANT: Kay Davis
2nd ATTENDANT: LaVona Seeley
Days of '47 Official Program, 1968


YEAR: 1967

QUEEN: Marilee Christensen
1st ATTENDANT: Gail Rich
2nd ATTENDANT: Linda Nickle
Days of '47 Rodeo Program, 1967

YEAR: 1966

QUEEN: Dorothy Stratten
1st ATTENDANT: Janice Page Lind
2nd ATTENDANT: Vicky Hurst
Official Days of '47 Program, 1966; Days of '47 Rodeo Program, 1966

YEAR: 1965

QUEEN: Joan Hart
1st ATTENDANT: Beverly Whitebread
2nd ATTENDANT: Patrea Henrichsen
Official Days of '47 Souvenir Program, 1965

YEAR: 1964

QUEEN: Osa Antonette 'Vicci' Hullinger
1st ATTENDANT: Lynda Smart
2nd ATTENDANT: Michelle Eason
SUP News, Jul/Aug 1964; Official Days of '47 Souvenir Program, 1964

YEAR: 1963

QUEEN: Sherry Telford
1st ATTENDANT: Helen Raelynn Symes
2nd ATTENDANT: Vicki Wilkinson
Official Days of '47 Souvenir Program, 1963

YEAR: 1962

QUEEN: Marian Marchant
1st ATTENDANT: Diane Summerhays
2nd ATTENDANT: Marielen Wadley
Official Days of '47 Souvenir Program, 1962; Deseret News, "Modern, but Queenly", 11 Jun 1962

YEAR: 1961

QUEEN: Joan Carrigan
1st ATTENDANT: Sandra Martin
2nd ATTENDANT: Irene Hall
Deseret News, v. 356 no. 19; Days of '47 Official Program, 1961


YEAR: 1960

QUEEN: Linda Derrick (Wood)
1st ATTENDANT: Bonnie Brown
2nd ATTENDANT: Carolyn Avery
Days of '47 Official Program, 1960

YEAR: 1959

QUEEN: Ann Richey
Diane Nielson
2nd ATTENDANT: Donna Sparks 
SOURCEDeseret News, "'Days Festivities Near Full Swing" 16 Jul 1959Deseret News, "Parade Highlights" 24 Jul 1959


YEAR: 1958

QUEEN: Ruthann Fisher
1st ATTENDANT: Sharon Ann Birmingham
2nd ATTENDANT: Gayle Anne Crandall
Days of '47 Official Program, 1958

YEAR: 1957

QUEEN: Dorothy Pohlman
1st ATTENDANT: Sue Breinholt
2nd ATTENDANT: Vickie Annette Thomas
Days of '47 Coronation Ceremony Program, 1 Jul 1957; Days of '47 Official Program, 1957; 
Deseret News, "Commemorative Fete Slated in Tabernacle," 20 Jul 1957

YEAR: 1956


QUEEN: Pat Schulthies (Gleave)
1st ATTENDANT: Penny Diane Fry (Gough)
2nd ATTENDANT: Unknown
Deseret News, 21 Oct 1984


YEAR: 1955

QUEEN: Charlotte Sheffield
1st ATTENDANT: Judi Pugh
2nd ATTENDANT:Sharon Givan
NOTES: Charlotte Sheffield was Miss Utah USA, 1957 and Miss USA Universe, 1957
SL Tribune 25 Jul 1955; Days of '47 Coronation Ceremony Program, 22 Jun 1955

YEAR: 1954

QUEEN: Catherine Sara Harper (Grant)
1st ATTENDANT: Margen Nielsen
Carolyn Woodruff
SOURCES: Deseret News, "Hair Fashion Council to Present Style Show", 8 Jun 1954
Deseret News, "Ex-'47 Days Queen Dies at 34", 23 May 1966

YEAR: 1953

QUEEN: Ann Clark (Green)
1st ATTENDANT: Frances Williams
2nd ATTENDANT: Julie Lawrence
Deseret News, "Hail to the Queen" 29 May 1953

YEAR: 1952

QUEEN: Lavon Brown (Brewer)
1st ATTENDANT: Karen White
2nd ATTENDANT: Mary Lou Karren
NOTES: Lavon Brown (Brewer) was Miss Utah 1953
SOURCE: Deseret News, 22 June 1952; Deseret News, "Takes Hours of Hard Work" 1 July 1952


YEAR: 1951

QUEEN: Carol Lou Kimball (Klas)
1st ATTENDANT: Janice Petersen
2nd ATTENDANT: Judith Hale
Deseret News, 21 Jul 1951; Deseret News 10 May 1984

YEAR: 1950

QUEEN: Janet Blackhurst (Romney)
1st ATTENDANT: Eleanor Pypey
2nd ATTENDANT: Patricia Hatt
NOTES: Title for the 1950 'Days of '47" queen was 'Pioneer Memorial Queen', because the Pioneer Memorial Museum was dedicated in 1950.
Deseret News, 28 June 1950; Days of '47 Coronation Ceremony Program, 18 Jul 1950

YEAR: 1949

QUEEN: Shauna Woods (Trabert)
 Cherry Moslander and
2nd ATTENDANT:  Robyn Tibbs 
SOURCE: Deseret News, "West High Graduate Wins Queenship" 29 June 1949

YEAR: 1948

QUEEN: Colleen Allred (Holbrook)
1st ATTENDANT: Shirley Nielsen
2nd ATTENDANT: Florence Maria Gates
Deseret News, "Festive "Days of '47' Heads Towards Grand Climax" 21 Jul 1948; Deseret News, 13 May 2004; Salt Lake Tribune Home Magazine 1958

YEAR: 1947

QUEEN: Calleen Robinson (McKay)
1st ATTENDANT: Marie Burnett (Housley)
2nd ATTENDANT: Mary Louise Gardner (Gessel)
NOTES: Title for the 'Days of '47" queen in 1947 was ' Centennial Queen' also known as 'Miss Centennial of 1947' and the pageant was held in Nov 1946. The Queen and her attendants reigned during the centennial anniversary of the Mormon pioneers entering the Salt Lake Valley.
Deseret News, "Centennial Queen Named" 14 Nov 1946

YEAR: 1946

QUEEN: Lorraine V. Jenson (Crane)
1st ATTENDANT: Madelyn R. Buckley
2nd ATTENDANT: Donna Jean Southwick
PRINCESSES: Cherie Romney
Legend Magazine, Jul 1946; Deseret News. 5 Jul 1946;
Deseret News. "Queens of Yesterday" 22 Jul 1947 
Deseret News. "Queens of Yesterday" 24 Jul 1947

YEAR: 1945

QUEEN: Marion Woodward (Olsen)
1st ATTENDANT: Marilyn Barker
2nd ATTENDANT: Marie Burdett (Housley)
PRINCESSES: Frances Parmley (Muir)
NOTES: Marie Burdett (Housley) was 1st attendant in 1947.
Deseret News, 30 Jun 1945; Deseret News "Queens of Yesterday" 22 Jul 1947

YEAR: 1944

QUEEN: Betty Lou Escandon
1st ATTENDANT: Beverly Flint
2nd ATTENDANT: Frances Ellen Anderson
PRINCESSES: Colleen Robinson
Deseret News, 30 Jun 1944; Deseret News 10 May 1984; Deseret News. "Society" 22 Jul 1944


1943- present  Days of '47

YEAR: 1943

QUEEN: Pat Pixton (Barker)
1st ATTENDANT: Marva Collett (Workman)
2nd ATTENDANT: Cleone Pixton (Parker)
PRINCESSES: Marilyn Cullimore (Smith)
NOTES: No parade was held due to war-time gasoline rationing. The four members of the Royalty were in the 1993 parade.
SOURCES: Days of '47 Inc Coronation Program, 19 Jul 1943; 
Deseret News, "Queens of Yesterday," 15 Jul 1947 
Deseret News, "Yesterday's Queen" 17 June 1947Deseret News, 24 Jul 1993LDS Church News, 31 Jul 1993


1935-1942  Covered Wagon Days


YEAR: 1942

QUEEN: Cecile Schmutz (Terry)
1st ATTENDANT: Beverly Savage
2nd ATTENDANT: Donna Deane Jackson
Deseret News, "Yesterday's Queen" 11 Jul 1947


YEAR: 1941

QUEEN: Noma Andrus (Jenkins)
1st ATTENDANT:  Marie Folsom
2nd ATTENDANT:  Edna Newsom
 Deseret News, "St. George Girl Wins Dramatic Victory" 19 Jul 1941
Deseret News, "Yesterday's Queen" 17 June 1947

YEAR: 1940

QUEEN: Bonnie Sorensen (Ingebretsen) 
1st ATTENDANT: Barbara Groo (Hansen)
2nd ATTENDANT: Phyllis Ann Worden
SOURCES: Salt Lake Tribune Home Magazine, 1958; Deseret News, 21 Oct 1984

YEAR: 1939

QUEEN: Emily Marie Bertelson
1st ATTENDANT: Elaine Hatch
2nd ATTENDANT: Marjorie Heilbut
NOTES: Queen Emily Marie Bertelson's stage name was Marie Windsor
SOURCE: Deseret News. "Yesterday's Queen"4 Jun 1947

YEAR: 1938

QUEEN: Kay Robbins (Becker)
1st ATTENDANT: Elaine Hatch
2nd ATTENDANT: Betty Lee Beuller
SOURCES:  Deseret News, "Wagon Days Queen Goes to Hollywood" 17 June 1938
Deseret News. "Queens of Yesterdays" 16 May 1947

YEAR: 1937

QUEEN: Maurine McKenzie (Carman)
1st ATTENDANT: Frankie Young (Adams)
2nd ATTENDANT: Jeanette Clawson
PRINCESSES: Diane Bailey
NOTE: Other honors: Maurine McKenzie was runner-up, Miss Western America; Frankie Young, Queen 1936 Covered Wagon Days;
Jeanette Clawson, runner-up to Maurine McKenzie for Miss Utah and Miss Salt Lake in 1935 Covered Wagon Days
SOURCES: Deseret News, 28 June 1937  
Deseret News, "A Queen of Yesterday ..." 24 Apr 1947

YEAR: 1936

QUEEN: Frankie Young (Adams)
1st ATTENDANT: Mary Creer
2nd ATTENDANT: Frances Rogers
PRINCESSES: Marjorie Judd, Dorothy Denton
SOURCES:  Deseret News, "Would-Be Swains May Call But It'll Be the Office Phone" 20 July 1936
Deseret News, "A Queen of Yesterday ..." 24 Apr 1947

YEAR: 1935

QUEEN: Helen Mortensen (Breeding)
MAIDS OF HONOR: Bernice Williams, Jerry Tate, Helen Delury, LaVene Latimer 
SOURCE: Salt Lake City Covered Wagon Days Program, 1935

YEAR: 1932-1934

No Royalty Pageant held because of the Depression.

SOURCE: Deseret News. 10 May 1984 

YEAR: 1931

QUEEN: Margaret Young (Leigh)
1st ATTENDANT: Unknown
2nd ATTENDANT: Unknown
SOURCE:  SL Tribune 25 Jul 1953; Deseret News, "First Miss Pioneer Recalls Reign in 1931," 22 July 1984, p. 85

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